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Dear Friends, My mate describes our partnership as "25-year-old".  Having been in your lovely, loving home and on your land, I would amend that phrase to "25-year-young".  Truth and beauty is where the heart finds them, as Keats reminds us.  I find that northern New Mexico breathes the spirit of antiquity, novelty and natural openness.  I shall never forget the sky, air (the breezes and winds), mountains, earth and genuine open-hearted spirit of Rancho Nambe in the land that embraces it. 

Thank You beyond measure.  Shalom - D.

Dear Sarah and Dick.  Rancho Nambe at the end of the speed bumps and dirt road is the most wonderful and beautiful retreat.  Accommodation excellent and complete.  But best of all is meeting you two wonderful people.  We thank you both and hope to see you again.   

D. and S. K.

Wow! What a place. Breakfast will never be the same again. 

Thank You. R.C. ABCTV Australia

Beneath the Southern Cross I stand,
A sprig of wattle in my hand.
A native of this dry old land.
Rancho Nambe..... you bloody beauty!!

J.M. ABCTV Australia

Definitely a high-light of our cross-country trip! Thanks so much for your kind hospitality (& dogs!) - we loved everything from the tour of the stables to relaxing at the pool (& the puffs and jam!).

 THANKS !! L.B. New York

What soul-quenching food and welcoming home! Your horses, dogs, cat & birds show happy, loving care - as do we all. 

Thank You C.V. Pender Island B.C.

I knew immediately when I saw your lovely hacienda that it was the perfect place for girlfriends – and I was right! Thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality! 

L.F. Los Alamos, NM


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